Wednesday, 31 January 2018

How to Clear Paper Jamming Errors in Epson Printer?

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For the most of Epson printer owners, paper jamming is very serious technical error that hampers their task and performance. It does not matter, if you purchase a latest or costly printer, opportunities are very high that your Epson printer can get stuck due to jamming of a paper. Read few important tips and tricks how to remove paper jamming errors in Epson printer? You can also call at toll free Epson Printer Support Number 1-855-222-0999 for getting best technical help from experts.
Switch off the Epson Printer: -

Before you begin clearing the paper jam, you need to switch off your Epson printer to decrease the opportunity of damaging the printer. This is very sensible to unplug the printer from power source to be extra secure.

Open Main Cover: -

Take out all papers from the Epson printer feed and output trays. Now, you need to open main cover of your printer. If you have any difficulty, you can call online EpsonPrinter Support team to get instant technical solutions from experts.

Move Print Head Sideward to Free Paper: -

Print head is the main part of the Inkjet printer which releases ink on the paper from connected cartridges. If paper is stuck against print head, it would not move sideways. You should try to move the print head sideward in order to free up the papers.

Gradually Remove Papers: -

Hold paper constantly and try to pull out it very gradually. You should be more careful the paper should not tear and ignore pulling with force because it may harm you. To reach slim areas, you need to use tweezers and gradually pull the papers just by tugging from the left and right ends. If you have any technical issue, you should call Epson Printer Customer Support team to get best technical advice immediately.

Eliminate the Print Head and Try Again: -

In the case, paper is still jammed inside the printing machine, you should follow technical tips provided in instructional manual of your printer. If paper is torn, pull out paper scraps. If the paper is complete, you need to hold the crushed papers and lightly pull it downward.

Check the Output Tray: -

Papers may get struck in the machines near the output tray in inkjet printers. The papers may get struck in the slot feeding the output tray, therefore any paper visible there. If you have any technical error regarding this step, you must call at toll free Epson printer support phone number 1-855-222-0999 to get instant technical help.


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