Thursday, 11 January 2018

Important Factors to Buy to New Epson Laser Printer

Epson Printer Tech Support Number

With dropping prices, more and more users are buying Epson laser printers to increase their productivity. You can consult online printer technical support experts through toll free Epson Printer Support Phone Number 1-855-222-0999 to get guidance on the various buying options. However there are many factors that should be considered while buying a new Epson laser printer. Read on to know what things you should keep in mind before zeroing on a new laser printer.
Mono Chrome or Color: -

This is a very basic and important decision. Determine what kind of documents you want to print, as it will help you decide which type of printer you should buy. If your basic need is to print only monochrome documents then you should opt to buy a monochrome printer. In case you are going to print color documents on daily basis, then you should go for color laser printers.

Types of Functions: -

These days you need to perform several functions with documents such as scanning, making copies and taking out prints. You might also need to receive and send faxes, considering all these functions, you should consider buying a multifunction laser printer. If you have any other question, you can call at toll free Epson Printer Technical Support Number 1-855-222-0999 for free expert help.

Paper Handling: -

Generally, printers can handle paper size up to A4, but if you want to print paper with A3 size, you have to look for specific type of printers. If your needs include printing envelopes and heavier pages, the printer will require a multi-purpose tray. In case you are going to print huge number of pages, look for a printer that have appropriate capacity to handle such needs. Also look for printers that have the ability to print on both the sides of the page in case you have special paper handling needs. If you get any technical issue regarding this step, you can call at toll free Epson Printer Customer Service Number for instant help.

Connectivity: -

While USB is common for printers these days, go for printer with Ethernet connectivity if you are thinking to buy it for office use. With Ethernet, you can connect the printer to the network router and share it among several users. If you are planning to set your printer on your wireless network, then go for wireless connectivity. With Wi-Fi Direct capability, you can connect your mobile devices with the printer directly and can print at your comfort.

Noise Emissions and Power Consumption: -

If you are buying a big printer, consider its noise emission levels. Also take in consideration the power usage of the printer. Look for an Energy Star compliant printer which has a deep sleep mode. If you want to ask any query, you can call at toll free Epson Printer Support Number for quick help.


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